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Clinical Mental Health
Empowerment &
Attachment Enhancement



Sometimes we need someone to walk with & empower us. I will work with you to enhance your self-understanding and create effective improvements for the difficulties that you face.


Over the years I have become passionate about using a strength-based approach to:

  • create a safe place grounded in empathy,

  • collaborate with you to achieve your goals,

  • use evidenced-based practices and interventions that improve the challenges that brought you to therapy,

  • and work with you to create meaningful growth and wellness.


I have 15+ years experience empowering people as they overcome life changes & stressors, anxiousness, depressed mood, grief/loss, trauma, attachment issues, adoption issues and intersectionality.


Individual, Couples,

Family, and Group Therapy


*  throughout Missouri  *

via e-Therapy

using a secure HIPAA compliant tele-health platform.

Effective, Confidential & Convenient

Areas of expertise include:

  • Empowerment

  • Life Changes

  • Life Stressors

  • Anxiousness

  • Depressed Mood

  • Neglecting Self-Care

  • Grief/Loss

  • Trauma Recovery

  • Developmental Trauma Recovery

  • Attachment Enhancement:

individual, couples, adopted persons, first/biological family members, adopted/foster parents

  • Adoption:

adopted person support, adoption grief and loss, post adoption support, first/biological family support, adopted family support, foster care provider support, foster care provider’s biological/adopted children support, and healthy identity formation support.

  • Surprise Genetic Identity Issues:

Support those impacted by DNA surprises, genetic identity issues, and misattributed parentage experiences (MPE) which can occur due to an adoption, assisted conception, or those conceived from a non-paternal event (NPE) and promote understanding of the complex intersection of genetic information, identity, and family dynamics.


Please make an appointment by

calling me at


or by emailing

via the contact page/below.

I design effective psychotherapy plans to expand self-understanding and encourage new thoughts and feelings towards overcoming life challenges and thriving.

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